The 2N (Where N=5) Commandments
I: I, the Goddess, am your Ethernet. Thou shalt not have other Ethernets besides me.
II: Thou shalt not take the connection of the Ethernet, your Goddess, in vain.
III: Remember thine routing tables, and keep them updated.
IV: Honor thy subnet and thine gateway.
V: Thou shalt not flood-ping.
VI: Thou shalt not spoof.
VII: Thou shalt not packet-sniff.
VIII: Thou shalt not bear false configurations against thine subnet.
IX: Thou shalt not covet thine neighbor's bandwidth.
X: Thou shalt not covet thine neighbor's data.

As revealed by the Goddess to the Episkopos Kula, Boomtime, Day 14 of the Season of Discord, 3165.